1001 Life Hack Tips To Change The World – It Starts With Changing Yourself


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Written By  Andrew Martin
From Collective Evolution

The latest report by Gerardo Ceballos from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and Paul R. Ehrlich from Stanford University et al, which came out late last week, outlines how modern humans are now responsible for accelerated species loss. This heralds the era of thesixth mass extinction.” The report details the rate of extinction for species in the 20th century is up to 100 times higher than it would have been without man’s impact. The scientists who conducted the research have been careful to be conservative. The real rate may be many times higher.

The Guardian was one of the few mainstream media outlets to cover the story, stating that the scientists have been deliberately conservative – they’re well aware of the dangers of crying wolf on a topic of such importance, and where passions run so high. For a start, they limit themselves to the best-studied group of organisms, the vertebrates. Then, they take a high estimate of background extinctions to compare with, to make the modern figures as undramatic as possible. And then, they either consider only those animals known to be extinct (the “highly conservative” scenario), or they add in those extinctions in the wild that are likely to have happened, but are not yet verified.(1) The study mentions that humans will most probably be one of the first cabs off the rank in this extinction process, as we depend completely on the natural systems for our survival.

1001 Life Hack Tips To Get You Started!

saveyourselfWhen there is so much bad stuff going on around the planet (which humanity is primarily responsible for), it can become daunting to even consider coming up with solutions, leaving one feeling helpless and impotent. You have to stop and think for a moment, what am I doing to help save the planet and myself? Does this cause a bit of uncomfortable paralysis? Does the thought, “Well I am just one person on a planet of 7 billion people and I don’t think I can make an impact,” cross your mind?

I recently came across a brilliant little guide book for helping you to remember what you can do to make a difference. So I contacted the author, Judy Wong Dopperpuhl, who wrote “Save Yourself & Save The Planet – 1001 Green & Fun Life Hack Tips.” The reason this little book is so important is because as humans, we all get trapped and caught up in our own lives and can easily forget that certain things, when done collectively, can add up to real change. In my previous life I was heavily involved in performance coaching and getting the best out of teams. One thing I learnt from early on in my career was that you have to “Walk the Talk”… that is, you have to “practice what you preach.” A great way of doing this is by embedding the small things first.

Start Small Can Mean Big

Judy believes we can make a huge difference by doing lots of small things. It is kind of like the “Pay it Forward” movement philosophy. If we all start doing lots of little things, then momentum builds and shifts the overall consciousness and changes behaviours. Before you know it, everyone else is doing lots of really great things too, and then big change starts to happen. Judy believes we are living in a magical time of immense opportunities and a breathtaking consciousness shift in humanity. Yes, right now. People all over this beautiful planet are waking up to taking their power back and reconnecting more than ever by hacking technology. Judy has racked her brain and numerous other resources to put together 1001 things you can do to get started to make change… these are just a few ideas she offers.

Food / Eating Habits

1. Adopt a vegan lifestyle. Big animal agriculture is not a sustainable resource and devastates our planet. Focus on a whole food, organic, plant based diet and give up all processed food and drink. Think local and support organic farmers and stop supporting companies with heavy carbon footprints that continue to rape our planet.


2. Invest in sturdy re-usable shopping bags and produce bags. Carry them with you in your car and backpack at all times. Shop in the bulk section when possible. Just say no to all paper or plastic.

3. Always carry your own stainless steel water bottle and coffee/tea mug, even when you travel. Consider purchasing a portable re-usable water filtration system. Stop purchasing bottled water and drinks.

Around the Home

4. Make having a chemical free home your new green mantra. You can inexpensively and simply clean your home with white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, salt, baking soda, and citrus juice. For non-toxic DIY laundry detergent there are numerous sites giving guidance and recipes online.

 Health Care

5. DIY beauty care is easier, simpler, and better for you and the planet. Many beauty products are produced unsustainably, not to mention tested on animals and very harmful to you.  There are plenty of websites that can give you tips and recipes for making your own lotions and potions that will save you boatloads of money and keep you much healthier and more vibrant. Take a step back and analyze what is in your medicine cabinet and beauty care regime. Why not make your own non-toxic toothpaste with just baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and peppermint oil? Instead of toxic shampoos and conditioners, why not use baking soda and white vinegar? And to re-hydrate your skin, why not use coconut oil? Did you know you can even use coconut oil as a sexual lubricant?

Minimize Your Life

6. Less is the new black. Unplug from the matrix and break it down into realizing you are no longer a consuming machine. Stop giving into living beyond your means and let your true self emerge from this downward spiral of materialism. Be unique and create our own branding, image, and iconoclastic aura of confidence. Be bold in embracing the repair; fix; embrace a hip upcycle manifesto. Remember it is time to be a conscious consumer.

Reduce and Reuse

7. Treat all resources like gold. There is no such thing as “throwing something away.” Make it a goal to produce less waste. Re-use packaging for gift wrapping; save glass jars and bottles for food storage and gifts; compost; get creative and think outside the box.


8. Start your own vegetable garden and learn about how permaculture can save our planet. Maximize your growing space and don’t use pesticides. Create a food forest haven for you, your family and community, and help attract bees, birds, and beneficial insects. Learn how to propagate plants, and plant lots and lots of native trees, shrubs and perennials.


9. Opt for public transportation or ride your bike. Consider getting rid of your car.


10. Live your dreams. Remember, true peace starts with you. Remember you don’t need a lot of stuff to make you feel happy. Happiness comes from within, community and living without compromise.


Image Source: The World Race Gap Year

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