3 Tips for Feeling and Looking Young Again


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Written By Hicks Crawford
From Natural News

Hey I know what you’re thinking, everyone makes these incredible claims about how taking their pill, or magic cream in a bottle can make you look and feel years younger. The vast majority of those products offer some relief from the side-effects of aging, but they rarely actually match their claims with quantifiable results. To help those looking for ways to really make a difference in their life, I’ve compiled this quick list to get you on the road to living a longer, healthier life; while recapturing some of the energy and pizazz you remember from your youth.

1.    Exercise Regularly

I figure I’ll get one of the more boring answers out of the way first. Anyone who claims they can help you look and feel younger, but fails to mention regular exercise, is selling you snake oil. Medical studies and a look around your community will tell you that walking a mile or two every day is a cornerstone of good health; low cholesterol, improved respiratory function and overall strength. The day you give up on your daily exercise is the day you give in to increasing numbers on the weight scale and feelings of lethargy.

One of my favorite apps for my smartphone that motivates me to get out there and do my best is theNike+ App for iPhone and Android; it keeps track of your pace, distance travelled and estimates calories burned.

2.    Boost Testosterone for Men

Guys, I know we hate talking about it, but as life goes on we begin to slow down. Not only do our metabolisms begin to slow dramatically, but our muscles begin to weaken and we lose the zest for life we once had in our misspent youth. But how do you quantify the blues? If you’re feeling down, ask your doctor to check your testosterone levels. It may be that you need to take advantage of a safe, natural testosterone supplement, like Spartagen XT. Boosting testosterone back to normal, healthy ranges can give you back a lot of the energy and vigor for both life and the bedroom. Don’t let something as simple as low testosterone hold you back in life!

3.    Get Engaged with the Community

The worst thing you can do as you age is lose a connection to the community around you. If you feel isolated or lonely, you’ll notice your energy levels plummet as depression sets in. As scary and depressing as that sounds, there’s an easy solution. Get involved! By finding an organization in your town to get involved with, you can make the world a better place, and improve your mental frame of mind. Humans are naturally social beings, if we rely on television or a computer screen to provide all of our daily interaction, we miss out on a ton of incredible life experiences.

By stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing as much of the world around you as possible, you’ll immediately discover that spark you’ve been looking for as you age. Men should check their testosterone levels, while encouraging both themselves and their partners to get involved in the community. Get healthy, get active and enjoy life to the fullest!


Image Source: Brunch News

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