7 Ways To Attract More Positive Relationships


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By Lindsay Sibson

It’s no secret – WHO you surround yourself with matters.

Motivational speaker and self-help guru Jim Rohn said, You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Whether it be your family, friends, romantic partners, or coworkers, who you come into contact with the most has an immense impact on how you feel, what you think and what you do.

To attract positive, supportive, loving, fun and happy relationships, embrace these 7 ways:

1. Love Yourself First: Your are and always should be the #1 person on your list of people you love. If you want to attract positive love in your life… you must BE positive love, which means loving yourself as you are. How well you really know yourself matters. Take the time to think about what makes you YOU. When you are your authentic self, you will attract authentic people into your life.

2. Don’t WORRY: The right person will come along at the right moment. Keep on keepin’ on and doing things that make you feel fulfilled, happy and vibrantly alive. Which leads to…

3. Cut Off Complaints: Complaining will do absolutely nothing in regards to moving you towards your goals and attracting positive relationships in your life. What it WILL do is attract other people that like complaining, resulting in negativity. It’s natural to vent every once once in awhile, but set boundaries to keep excessive complaining out of your life.

4. Acknowledge The Past: Yup, stuff happens. Your past makes up part of who you are, BUT by no means should you continue to live in it! Take those lessons learned and walk away. Healing from past injuries hurts, whether they are emotional, physical, or psychological – BUT, healing is necessary in order to move on and attract positive relationships.

5. Understand That Rejection Is Great: So the person didn’t call when they said they would or never called back. I have one word for you – NEXT! Whether someone is judging you based on your looks or they don’t respect your time, that person has NO reason to continue being in your life. A truly positive person will not only be clear with how he/she feels, but will also back it up with his/her actions. He/she will also want to get to know the REAL you (crazy morning hair and breath and all).

6. Don’t Let Anyone Take Your Power: Stand up for what you believe in. Once again, YOU have your own opinions, thoughts and feelings – don’t allow your potential partners to influence your perception of yourself or take that power away.

7. Love EVERY Moment: Like attracts like. Therefore, positive people attract positive people. Learn how to see the good in every person, place and thing… and when faced with challenging times (which you will be at some point), look for the lesson or blessing in every occasion.

The 7 ways described above are not overnight solutions to finding the relationship of your dreams. It takes consistent action and effort on your part to embody the characteristics of a positive person.

But then… “someday… someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.” – unknown

Source:  Higher Perspectives


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Lindsay SibsonLindsay Sibson

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