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Written By Kat Gal

Self-help books are either loved or ridiculed by people. Yet, when we have a problem or are looking for suggestions about how to improve our lives, we all go to the bookstore or to google nowadays to find tips, solutions and recipes that will help us to succeed.

Self-help – or in other words, self-improvement – is simply a self-guided way to improve yourself and your life. These tools allow you to be your own therapist, friend and cheerleader. “In self-help, you get help, you give help and you help yourself.” (unknown)

Self-help is really an amazing concept. After all, the answer is within us. We are the only people who can change our own lives. Guidance and support from a coach, a therapist or even a friend is awesome, often necessary and always well-deserved, but in the end, we are the ones who create change in our lives.

However, buying self-help books and reading self-help articles can become an addiction. We buy them, get excited, share them on Facebook, read them (or parts of them) and highlight them. Then we do nothing. We get inspired, we plan to create change and take action, but we don’t. We continue to struggle and dream. So we buy another book and read an article. We get inspired again, but we miss out on taking action. So we buy more books and read more articles. Eventually we read so much that our head explodes from information, yet change still doesn’t happen.

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Information is important. Inspiration is necessary. But change doesn’t happen without action. Simple and consistent actions create small, but significant changes in our lives, leading to incredible transformation.

You may wonder how to start though. Your bookshelf is full of books, you have saved and liked millions of articles online and your brain is full of information. But with so much around you, you have no idea where to go from here. You’re stuck, paralyzed in information-overload.

Here are 5 amazing self-help tips that I invite you to try over the next 30 days. Start taking action now and I promise, your life will change. 

1. Write yourself a ‘thank you’ note.
Think about all the amazing things you have already done for yourself. Have you finished high school, university or a certificate course? Did you start juicing or cooking recently? Have you started meditation or journaling? Do you have a regular exercise routine? It doesn’t matter what it is, thank yourself for it. You deserve it.


2. Do the first exercise of a self-help book
Are you a self-help junkie or just an occasional self-help lurker? It doesn’t matter if you have all the self-help books on the planet or have none, do this exercise. Pick a self-help book. It can be your favorite or just a random one from your bookshelf or at your local bookstore. Open the book, find the first exercise in it and do it. Change doesn’t occur from reading, it happens through action, as well as trial and error. So just try an exercise. For bonus, imagine the author is cheering you on along the way.

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3. Talk to someone.
Talk to a close friend or a family member, but with the lack of someone close, find someone in an online or offline community group. Talk about things you want to improve in your life. Share your dreams and obstacles with each other. Help each other out. Inspire each other. Keep each other accountable. We all need support.


4. Do a 30-day trial.
Often when we want to make a change in our lives, we get scared. We worry that it will be forever. We worry about all the “what ifs”- what if we fail, what if we don’t like it and what if it is not right for us? Changes don’t have to be forever. Perhaps a raw vegan diet is not quite right for you and you need some cooked food. Maybe yoga won’t be your favorite activity, but running will rock your world. But it is also possible that raw veganism or yoga will be the best thing for you. You never know until you try it. Don’t think it will be forever, but don’t give up after a few days either. Give everything a fair chance. Do it for 30 days. After your 30-day trial, check back with yourself. If you loved it, keep at it. If not, walk away. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain.



5. Do mirror work.
Go stand in front of the mirror. Look into your eyes. Notice the beautiful soul that’s inside of you. Make a connection with yourself. Create a conversation. If affirmations work for you, say your affirmations out loud while keeping eye contact with yourself. Having an honest, yet positive conversation with yourself is an even better idea. Congratulate yourself for your wins, thank yourself for all the positives, encourage yourself and give yourself some support. Feel the compassion and love as you are keeping eye contact with yourself. Do this mirror work every night for 2-3 minutes. Start your 30-day mirror work trial. You’re worth it!



Kat Gal

About the Author

Kat Gál is a Holistic Health & Happiness Coach guiding women to feel empowered to get out of the roller-coaster of chronic emotional and physical pain and enter into a world of confidence, self-love, energy, happiness, health and freedom. She also specializes in healing from child abuse working with women who have survived the trauma of growing up in a dysfunctional family and the trauma of abuse experienced as a child or teen.

She is the creator of the popular Your 21-Day Mind-Body-Soul Shake-Up!, a (w)holistic cleanse – and an author of several e-books, including 365 Days of Journaling.

Kat invites you to join her Facebook group, “You are enough! You deserve to be happy, healthy and loved”, a safe sanctuary for woman on healing, sharing and living.

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