Finding Your Hidden Superpower: 4 Step To Unlock Your Intuition


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Written By Drew Canole

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” ~ Albert Einstein

Intuition is difficult to define. It plays a massive role in our everyday lives, but it isn’t something most people discuss very often. Well-known and respected  individuals like Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs and Emma Stone have all talked about how highly they value their intuition, even above their general intellect. That is really saying something coming from Einstein, who is famous because of his genius mind!

Our brain is a valuable tool. But I want you to see that there is something much deeper and more infinite inside of you that can guide and direct you. It knows who you are on a very fundamental level. It knows your value beyond what you’ve achieved in this lifetime. It is called your intuition, your higher self, your inner knowing… and some may even call it God.

Here are a few things I have learned about tuning into that “inner voice.”

1)  Learn to Listen

Our intuition is a voice that can easily be tuned out if we’re not careful. Learning to listen can take practice. It includes tuning into your mind, soul and body. All three of which may have important clues to what your intuition is trying to tell you. This is why people often refer to making a choice based on a “gut feeling.”


2) Practice Mindfulness

Stress, never ending busy schedules, burnout, media overload… all of these things can suffocate intuition if left unchecked. Take time to turn off or move away from external stimulation so that you can be still and quiet your mind.

Learn to enjoy spending time alone. This can be tricky especially with family, work and school obligations. Sometimes we don’t enjoy being with ourselves and our own thoughts and we try to distract ourselves with TV or social media. Even just taking 5 minutes to step out the front door and breath will make a difference. This will give you time to tune in to your inner self and hear what it has to say.

3) Make Your Own Decisions  

Learn to trust yourself. Some people, when faced with decisions, go everywhere but to their inner guide for advice. There is nothing wrong with asking well-meaning people for advice, but if you are doing it for every decision instead of trusting your intuition you will never develop important independance and self-trust. You are you, after all. No one else knows you the way you do. No one else has the same life, decisions, feelings and destiny. When it all boils down, have the courage to listen to your own inner voice. It is through this voice that your guides will speak to you; be it God, your ancestors, your spirit animal, or whoever.


4) Take Action and Be Spontaneous!  

If water stands still it becomes stagnant. Sometimes the universe is just waiting for you to take a step forward so that it can create new opportunities or give you signs as to where you’re supposed to go.

One of the traits that is most endearing about children is their spontaneity. (At least when they do something spontaneous that we like!) Sometimes when raising children, we teach the spontaneity right out of them.

Alan Watts gives the example of a child who loves to dance. When they are young we could say they know nothing about real dancing and yet they dance freely and without reservation. Then we put them in dance classes and they learn structure and technique. They learn there are rules and that they can be judged on their performance. Thus, they start to become self-conscious. It then takes years of “practice” for them once again to float across the stage in confidence and gain back the spontaneity they started with in the beginning.

Don’t wait. The universe thrives on boldness and action.  



When our intuition leads us down the “wrong road”

There will be times where you feel like you are living by your intuition and it takes you down the wrong path. Why would this happen? There are several possible reasons. It could be that:

  • You interpretation of your intuition may have been wrong
  • The path may seem undesirable at first but is actually better in the long run
  • You may have mistaken your fears to be your intuition
  • Your intuition may have wanted you to see the wrong path because it would strengthen your surety in the right one

Matthew and the Wrong Road

Matthew Holland, university president and religious leader, once told of an experience he’d had when he was young and exploring the Grand Canyon with his father.

While visiting his grandparents in St. George Utah, his father offered to take him to see the Colorado River. They loaded into the truck and eventually drove into the Grand Canyon. After a while of driving through dusty backroads and rarely-used paths, they arrived at a great overlook of the Grand Canyon and spent time throwing rocks over the edge and enjoying the marvelous view.

Near dusk they began the journey home. At one point Matthew’s father stopped the truck at a fork in the pathway. He couldn’t remember which way they’d come from. Not having much time before dark, they knew they needed to make a decision soon. Being a very spiritually minded family, they decided to pray together. During the entire prayer Matthew kept feeling the impression that they should take the left fork. He found out his father was feeling the same way.


So off they went down the left fork. Not more than ten minutes had passed before they came to a sudden dead end. Matthew’s father turned the truck around, drove back to the fork, and went quickly down the other pathway. Before dark they were able to navigate the difficult pathways and back onto the main road.

The whole way back Matthew was troubled by the fact that he’d gotten the “wrong answer”. He brought this up to his father who said he had been thinking about the same thing. His father said:

“Because we were prompted to take the road to the left, we quickly discovered which one was the right one. When we turned around and got on the right road, I was able to travel along its many unfamiliar twists and turn offs perfectly confident I was headed in the right direction.

If we had started on the right road, we might have driven for 30 minutes or so, become uneasy with the unfamiliar surroundings and been tempted to turn back. If we had done that, we would have discovered the dead-end so late that it would have been too dark to find our way back in totally unfamiliar territory.”

When “wrong” may actually be “right”

Sometimes we will be guided down a wrong path, so that we can firmly and confidently recognize the right one. Otherwise, when difficult times come, we may doubt our decisions and become hesitant. Trust your inner guide.



Albert Einstein once said, “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”  

That left quite an impact on me. I hope today you make the resolve to turn to your inner voice more often until you develop a deep trust in yourself and the Universe as it leads you down paths you can now only dream of.


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