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“There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, saying nothing, and be nothing.” – Aristotle

Criticism… it can squash your confidence and leave you feeling upset, disheartened, or even angry.

What is it about hearing someone else mention our weaknesses that makes us react so badly? Even when they may be spot on?

I want to help provide you with a new perspective on criticism. I want to you to feel like you have control over how someone else’s comments make you feel and how you let opinions and suggests affect your life. Because at the end of the day, YOU are in charge of HOW you feel.


I used to get a lot of criticism. In fact, I still do! I use to feel bad about it and even guilty or shameful. It’s not always fun to hear someone highlight your weaknesses or provide feedback on where you can improve. But once I learned to shift my perspective, I learned to see criticism in a whole new light.

Now I look forward to criticism.

That may seem crazy or far-fetched, but it is true. Think of it this way…  

You can choose to see things as jabs into your character or as incredible gifts to encourage your growth and expand your life.

A little piece (or even a big piece) of constructive criticism could be a chance to become better than you are right now. A sort of “wake-up call” from the Universe.

It doesn’t have to throw your life upside down. Our imperfections are what make you and I absolutely unique. We are all on a journey and learning is part of the process.


If you want to change your life; if you want to become a better person; if you are ready for progression and a life upgrade – learning to enjoy criticism is an excellent place to start.

The best people to ask for constructive criticism are your close, trusted friends. I like to ask those closest to me for their honest opinion on how I can be better. They see me in a way I likely don’t see myself and because I know they care about me, I know they will only speak from a place of sincerity and love in order to help me get to where I need to be – where they know I want to be.

My ultimate goal every day is to become a bigger, larger version of who I really am. If I’m stuck in my own head every day, it is hard to notice the bigger picture of how I am connecting and influencing those around me.

This is why hearing from the people around me is golden and such a HUGE and important part to personal growth and evolving.

I know you might not like criticism. Maybe it makes you stressed out or anxious. But you don’t have to feel that way.

The truth is, if it makes you mad, there may just be some truth to it. And that’s okay!


Embrace criticism and strive to create a life as your best self.

We are evolving each and every day. If we welcome that criticism then we have the chance to become bigger and brighter people. Just because you aren’t the best at something doesn’t make you any less of a person!

Develop strong confidence in who you are and criticism won’t be able to shake that.

When people point out things that sting or get under your skin or make you feel guilty, learn to accept them with grace and move on.

Although not everyone tells you things that are “constructive,” learn to either let go of what they say or brush it aside without it harming your self-esteem. You have the choice as to how you will allow these things to affect you. Don’t give other people the power to decide how you feel.


You don’t need to be perfect, but I encourage you to constantly seek higher ground.

Imagine what your life would be like if when a critical comment came your way, you were able to take it with a smile!

This is one of the tools I have used to get to where I am today. And it’s been one of the best, most transformative lessons I have learned along my journey. Having my eyes opened to things I may not have seen or may have been hiding behind forced me (in a good way) to step outside of myself and really dig into WHO I am and WHO I want to be.

Always remember, we’re in this together!

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