The Gift Of Struggle – Mindset Monday

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“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” – Napoleon Hill

Today I want to talk about struggle.

Struggle is something that is very real to all of us. I have never met a person who had made it through life without facing struggle in some form or another.

What challenges are YOU facing in your life right now? What pressures are you feeling? Do you ever just wish that your struggles could be taken away?

Despite the challenge they present, struggles are extremely important to our progression as human souls.

Struggle expands us, strengthens us and builds us into the best versions of ourselves if we let it.

Many of us spend a good deal of time worrying about struggle and failure, when we should be marching towards struggle as much and as often as possible.


Because bouncing back from it is what makes us better!

A Story


A little boy was out playing in the yard having the time of his life. Suddenly he saw the most amazing little creature; a caterpillar.

He did what any little boy would do and he swiped it up in the palm of his hand and brought it to his mom in the house.

“Mom! I found the most amazing caterpillar! Can I keep it?”

His mom looked at him with a smile and said, “Absolutely. But you have to take great care of it.”

So the little boy found the perfect jar and built a fort inside it for the caterpillar. He gave it everything it needed to be happy.

For days and days the caterpillar worked to build a cocoon while the boy watched with wide eyes. A few weeks later the boy noticed that there was a little hole in the cocoon. He realized the caterpillar must be ready to come out.  

So out of love for his little pet and with the best intentions, he started peeling away the cocoon so that the caterpillar could more easily come out.

But, because he did this, when the butterfly came out it wasn’t strong enough to actually fly. Nature intended for the butterfly to have to work hard to get out of the cocoon, to struggle, in order to have the perfect amount of strength for life after the cocoon.

The Lesson


Like the butterfly, we are all presented with struggles in life that might not always make sense.

Struggle is necessary for growth.

If you look back on all of your struggles, I bet you will see that they have lead you to be the bigger and better person that you are today. Who might you be without them?

Remember this lesson, my friend.

Lean into fear. Lean into your struggles. When it gets hard, know that they’re making you bigger and better than you were before.

Spread those wings dear one – and fly.

Remember, we’re in this together.

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