Your Friends Are Making You Fat – Mindset Monday

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Hello Fitlifers!

Welcome to another Mindset Monday. Always remember, we’re in this together!

They say that you are the average of  your 5 best friends!


Our ideals, values and characters closely resemble to those of our closest friends.

Subconsciously, our bodies respond towards the way we deal with our friendships. Sometimes, we consciously make decisions just to protect the relationships. Not all relationships are positive and rewarding. And these are the very instances when our bodies release stress hormones that makes us fatter. When we absorb the negativity that we once thought are constructive, it perpetuates into our system that it gets so difficult to flush them out after.

An example is destructive criticism. A toxic friendship is one that discourages you in achieving something in order to protect their insecurities. You need to be able to identify what constitutes this because it can affect the realization of your goal. Those people who give you stress and negative vibes do not deserve a slot in your future if they’re not supporting you to become a better person.


According to Katy Linsao and others, a good and healthy friendship involves feeling like you are supporting one another and acting as a sounding board for each other.

The factors of constructive friendship acknowledge each other’s achievements. Good friends care for one another, and keep secrets between each other. Florence Isaacs, author of Toxic Friends or True Friends explained that toxic friendship is unsupportive, draining, unrewarding, stifling, unsatisfying, and often unequal.

So how do you deal with it?

You need to be willing to cut people that aren’t deserving your highest good and that aren’t building you up. Act on your feelings and analysis of the situation. If you recognize the signs of a toxic friendship, get yourself out of it and move on. It is not worth continuing at the expense of your health, self-esteem, and happiness.



Remember, we’re in this together…

Drew Canole

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